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"Canada was built on dead beavers" - Margaret Atwood // Why We Love Beavers and So Should You

When we were setting up LAKE&LOCH, we knew we wanted to somehow incorporate beavers not only into our designs, but ethos as well. You see, as a Canadian-Scottish business, we love beavers. Beavers are famously busy and hugely influential in our ecosystem by creating wetlands, encouraging other creatures and nature to flourish. In fact, beaver dams have been found to help remove up to 45% of harmful nitrogen from water. And did you know that the world’s largest beaver dam, at 2,790 feet, is visible from space and is in a remote area of Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada? Beavers are also historically important to the founding of modern Canada as well. In the 16th century, beavers were hunted to...

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