Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day: a national holiday in Canada celebrating the union of various colonies into a single dominion. Canadians across the country celebrate in various forms: concerts, BBQs, fireworks and hanging out with friends and family.  Modern Canada owes a lot to Scotland: Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A Macdonald was actually born in Glasgow (sadly what is thought to be his birthplace was torn down in September 2017 - although be sure to check out this 1967 clip of Sir John A's Great-Grandson returning to Glasgow to see his Great-Grandfather's birthplace ending up in a pub, of course) and many Scots contributed to the very foundations of Canada such as the railway, education, and banking. Scots also played an integral...

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Since moving to Glasgow from Canada 12 years ago, we have lived all over Glasgow: from Maryhill to Hillhead to Govan to yes, even Finnieston; we lived in Finnieston before it was named the hippest place in Britain. When we lived in Finnieston there certainly wasn't anywhere near as many bars/ pubs/ restaurants/ shops as there is now. We liked living in the area because the rent was reasonable and it was halfway between the West end and city centre. Back then you had the option of The Big Slope for drinks and food, Fanny Trollopes and Mother India for a nice meal, The Grove and Ben Nevis for decent pubs and MacCallums for lovely fresh fish (now Wilson's Catch of the...

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