Boreal Forest Camping Mug Candle

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Inspired by summers spent camping amongst the trees, our Boreal Forest candle takes its name and inspiration from the very forest of the same name. Along with founding companies such as Hudson's Bay to the Voyageurs, the Boreal Forest was and still is an integral part of Canadian life and identity. 

With strong notes of cedarwood, pine and just a touch of sweet orange, this candle recollects casual wanderings through the woods. Our Boreal Forest candle is 100% all natural, using only the highest quality pure essential oils. 

Hand poured in Glasgow using premium ingredients, our candles are left to cure for a week to ensure potency. Made in small batches with the utmost care with no added dyes or preservatives. 

- 40+ hour burn time

- 9 ounce candle / 12 ounce enamel mug

- £1 will be donated from each sale of our camping mug candles to the Scottish Wildlife Trust


Once your candle has fully burned, carefully fill your mug with boiling water and allow the remaining wax to float to the top. Leave to cool and the wax to harden. Remove the wax and wash thoroughly. As we only use 100% natural wax, it is a lot easier to clean than paraffin wax.