The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Those Hard To Buy for People

One of the things I love about Christmas, besides the indulgent food, slowing down and spending time with friends and family, is buying gifts for people. Now I know some people dread it and stress out about it but I actually love researching gift options for people. As we get older and accumulate more "stuff", I find it's getting harder and harder to buy for people; once you're at a certain age, most people tend to buy what they want for themselves anyway. This makes it even more challenging to buy for other people. 

When purchasing presents, I tend to fall back on gift food items, gift certificates, and experiences. I also like to top it off with an item that I've really hunted around for in the hopes that the recipient will not only love it but be surprised and delighted by it.

So, the all important gift-buying tip: buy something that the person probably needs but would never splurge on themselves such as underwear, socks, and pyjamas. I know that sounds boring but honestly, it is so appreciated and welcomed!

Since it's important to support indie/small/local and UK businesses, most of the gift suggestions are UK-based. And with that, here are some gift suggestions for those hard to buy for people!

(Just a note: I haven't included children because I tend to think that children and teenagers will tell you EXACTLY what they want). 

Your Hipster Best Friend / New Homeowner / Indie Pal / The Person Who Has Everything

Perfectly Reasonable

1. Plant/Succulent or Terrarium from Tuck Studio. Although currently based in the Barras, Tuck will be moving to the Southside soon. 

Image via The Future Kept 

2. Dawn Ritual Ceramic Incense Holder: £25

I love this incense holder and recently bought it for myself (along with the Whisky Incense). It's simple, does the job and looks great. 



3. Peruvian Alpaca Blanket: £45

These make for a great gift because they easily add colour to a home.


Image via Such & Such

4. Jono Smart Vase: (£50 on sale for £35)

Jono Smart is a Glasgow-based potter. He makes utterly delicious clay cups, vases, jugs and plates. Although he has his own online shop, it's only open periodically throughout the year and sells out quickly.  



Image via Tierra Negra

5. Tierra Negra set of 4 x 20cm serving plates (£72 on sale for £48)

Meaning black earth in Spanish, the Tierra Negra cookware is well-known throughout Colombia where it's handmade and is distributed in the UK by a family company based in Dalkeith. 


Boyfriends/ Husbands/ Brothers/ Dude Friends/ Hip Dads

Perfectly Reasonable

Image via Mamnick

6. Mamnick Yomping Socks: £16

You can't beat a good pair of socks especially colourful flecked ones like these from Mamnick.



Image via Percival

7. Percival Moka Espresso t-shirt: £39

A classic t-shirt featuring the iconic Italian espresso maker. 


Image via Ryan James

8. Crew Neck Lambswool, Blue Jumper from Old Harry: £85

Every guy needs at least one wool jumper in their wardrobe and this Old Harry one from Ryan James is perfect. Love this colour!



Image via Universal Works

9. Universal Works Bakers Jacket in Navy Twill: £155

The number one selling jacket from UK brand, Universal Works. The classic style comes in various colour, fabric and size options and looks good on most people! 


10. Masterpiece Link Backpack: £165

Ok, it's a little pricey for a backpack but consider that it's made in Japan from tough waterproof nylon canvas. Masterpiece bags are quite literally, master pieces! I've had one for a few years now (bought on our honeymoon in Japan) and it's been through ALL types of weather in Scotland and still going strong. 100% recommend. 


Scotland Lovers/ Your Homesick Auntie in Canada/ Pals Abroad

Perfectly Reasonable

11. LAKE&LOCH Mini 'Ma Bit' Scotland Pin: £7

Rep Scotland with our Scotland beanie enamel pin! 


Image via Neon Gray

12. Neon Gray Banter Placemat: £8

One Scottish idiom that you can't argue with: Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye. 


Image via Nebo Peklo

13. Map of West End of Glasgow: £20 

Colourful maps featuring various bits of Glasgow (Shawlands etc), Natalie has also branched out to other areas such as Gourock and Oban.  


Image via Bonnie Bling

14. Wee Highland Cow Brooch: £25

Bling up that tartan scarf with a Bonnie Bling highland coo. 



Image via Gold Hart 

15. Gold Hart Glen Classic Candle: £35 

The Glen candle from Glasgow-based Gold Hart Candles evokes misty Scottish Highlands with top notes of lime, bergamot, and a touch of spice. A gorgeous candle.


Image via WeeBox

16. WeeBox gift / Trial subscription: £35

 For all those Scotland lovers out there and/or homesick Scottish Aunties in North America - a little bit of Scotland delivered to your door. For £35, you can send someone a trial/ gift subscription of WeeBox featuring anything from tablet, marmalade, Tunnocks (!) and candles. 


Image via The Good Spirits Co

17. Springbank 15 Year Old: £59.50

One of my favourite whiskys - I love love LOVE Springbank whisky. 



Image via KerrieALDO

18. Indigo Hybrid Dry Waxed Cotton Hooded Mac from Kerrie ALDO: £240

Yes, £240 is a lot of money for a jacket but it's slow fashion made in the UK. Each piece can also be customised so the jackets are a lifetime investment. 



Perfectly Reasonable

Image via Vegan Burd

19. Vegan Burd Chocolate Bundle: £7.50

Vegan Burd, based out of Glasgow, now has a vegan sweet/junk food shop in the East End. You can still buy her homemade chocolate bars online though. 


Image via Temple Donuts and Coffee

20. Temple Donuts and Coffee - Dairy Free Mug: £10

Leeds-based Temple Donuts and Coffee has me swooning over Instagram. I am dying to try their doughnuts (what? I am Canadian; we love those things). Although I am not a vegan, I do try to limit animal-products in my diet. I just love the retro feel of the Temple Coffee mug! 


Image via The Fudge Kitchen

21. Vegan Fudge Selection from The Fudge Kitchen: £16 




Image via Lucky Cloud

22. Nourishing Face Care Set from Lucky Cloud: £37

Edinburgh-based Lucy Cardwell makes everything in-house for her gorgeous skincare company, Lucky Cloud. 



Image via Matt and Nat

23. Schlepp Tote from Matt and Nat: £110

Not a British company (Canadian, actually!) but Matt and Nat are the first generation of vegan bags so it would be rude not to include them, really. 


Coffee Lovers

Perfectly Reasonable

24.Coffee Subscription: £9 - £24 per month

Close to home, Glasgow's own Dear Green Coffee offer a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly coffee subscription starting at just £9. They've also got you covered on any kit you may need.

If you fancy something a little bit more exotic, then check out Kurasu from Kyoto, Japan (!) They'll send you 200g or 400g of coffee a month (£24 or £34) from some of the best Japanese roasters. You might be confused - after all, Japan is the home of matcha tea - but the coffee "scene" in Japan is phenomenal. Not at all pretentious; just honest-to-God craftspeople trying to make the best damn bean water you've ever had. 

25. Oven Bird Coffee Beans Aged in Whisky Barrels: £15

I actually bought a whisky collection box set (sadly doesn't seem available) last year for the Scottish half of LAKE&LOCH. It featured various coffee beans aged in different whisky barrels such as Laphroaig and Auchentoshan. Well, I say I bought them as a gift for him but actually, I benefited as well since I drank most of it. Anyway, it was delicious. Highly recommended. 



Image via Libby Walker

26. Libby Walker Southside Coffee Shops Print: £35

I LOVE THIS. If you're on the Southside of Glasgow and love coffee, you probably love this print too. Anyone who loves the Southside and coffee would probably appreciate this. 


Your Mum / Moms / Ladies in General

Perfectly Reasonable

Image via Dr Sam Bunting

27. Dr Sam Bunting Flawless Cleanser: £16

Let's just say it: buying for your Mum is HARD. She'll never just say, "oh well, I could use this or that". Nah. So you have to think about what to get her and you know, some Mums are very specific about what they like. 

Anyway, I like this face cleanser. It's gentle and takes off make-up. Done and done.



28. Express Facial at Blythswood Hotel: £47 

If in doubt, fall back on the principle: get her something she would love but never buy herself.



Image via Karen Mabon

29. Silk Scarf from Karen Mabon: £85

Silk scarves: a classic staple of any wardrobe. Scottish designer, Karen Mabon, makes colourful and gorgeous scarves featuring everything from Christmas cats to (my favourite) guilty pleasures (JUNK FOOD! YAAAS!) Be quick though because a lot have sold out! 


Image via Toast

30. Flannel Pyjamas from Toast: £99

Who honestly wouldn't love fancy pyjamas? Man, woman, child - No one can deny the seduction of soft comfy bed wear. 


Yer Da / Dads / Dudes

Perfectly Reasonable

31. Tour of Central Station: £13

We recently went on the fully-booked tour of central station. While it isn't a complete in depth run down of dates, engineers and facts, it certainly is fascinating. I would describe it as more of a people's history of Central Station. You learn a lot about Scottish and Glaswegian history and the people who were in and out of the station. We'd recommend it to people to learn more about the life and times of regular Glaswegians at the turn of the century. 

32. LAKE&LOCH Enamel Camping Mug: £16

Is your Da into hill walking? Munro bagging? Then this is the mug for him. 


Image via Josef McFadden

33. Brompton Scarf from Josef McFadden: £30 

Because your Da' needs to keep warm too!

Paisley-based Josef McFadden also has a lovely selection of ties, bow ties, beanies and more. 


Image via Brooks Brothers

34. Black Watch Flannel Pyjamas: £110

Once again, not a UK company but the Black Watch tartan is quintessentially Scottish. Who wouldn't love to roll out of bed with these swanky pjs on? They look suitably comfy and at £110 I guess they should! 


Bonus Stocking Stuffer

Image via Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

35. Other People's Opinions: £7

Maybe you're tired of lists, opinions, and advice this holiday season? Then this is the pin for you!

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