I have this thing with Maryhill. 

You see, when I first moved to Glasgow way back in 2006, the first flat I ever rented was in Maryhill. Technically the postcode fell under North Kelvinside but in reality, it was Maryhill through and through.

It was a one bedroom flat on Garrioch Road, just behind Tesco. It was close enough to the West end for it to be convenient but still cheap and close enough to the heart of Maryhill to still be crazy (at times). From the drunk 3am fights outside my bedroom window to the local (underage) kids asking me to buy them alcohol to walking along the River Kelvin walkway, I have fond memories of my time living there. It was also in Maryhill that I - a new immigrant - first discovered Tesco. Yes, Tesco.

When I was a broke immigrant to the UK with nothing but two suitcases to my name, Tesco was a lifesaver. Selling everything from cheap food to pillows to DAB radios, I totally appreciated it. Nowadays I mainly shop at Aldi to get my budget-buying buzz, but Tesco initially set off that addiction. They've since knocked down the dated Maryhill Shopping Centre and replaced it with a giant 24 hour Tesco. When the plans were first announced to replace the old Tesco with a fancy 24 hour one, there was some community (read: North Kelvinside residents) backlash. Personally I was delighted; you're telling me I could make a 2am run for Buchanan's Super Jelly Beans and a Raspberry Ruffle!? Hell, yeah, sign me up! 

Yes, Maryhill was a colourful place with interesting sights: from witnessing fights spilling out from The Viking pub to the Liquor Barn to the questionably named and painted, "The Lucky Midden".  

(The Lucky Midden photos courtesy of Mister Worthington)


Sadly, the Midden is no more. 

Nevertheless, there are loads of things to see and do in Maryhill like the obvious: hit up Cafe D'Jaconelli for a milkshake or ice cream and visit the Mackintosh Church (although is this still Maryhill or Queen's Cross?) I'd also suggest heading over to the Codfather for a fish supper and then walking off all that deep-fried goodness along the River Kelvin up to the Maryhill locks (weather permitting, of course). Like I mentioned earlier, I loved walking along the Kelvin walkway down into the West end; it's one of the best experiences in Glasgow and it's free. 

If football is your thing then you can obviously catch a Partick Thistle match at Firhill. I know, it's confusing; a Partick football team play in Maryhill. 

And if your hunger still hasn't been satiated then head over to the highly recommended, Black Sheep Bistro, who are currently sitting in at the 16th spot of best places in Glasgow on Tripadvisor. They specialise in Scottish home-cooked comfort food. 

So grab your bike (or walking shoes), get yourself down to the Kelvin Walkway and up into Maryhill.  

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