After we launched our "Ma Bit" beanies back in June, one of the most requested areas we were asked to do was Dennistoun. It's true: our initial run had overlooked the East end but we're hoping to make up for it with our latest run of beanies. Taking inspiration from the longest street in the UK - Duke Street - our Dennistoun beanie has a crown effect that wraps round it. 

Duke Street runs through the heart of Dennistoun with lots of independent shops and cafes scattered across and around it. Like a lot of Southsiders (or Westenders even), we haven't spent a lot of time in Dennistoun. Our own fault, admittedly. But wow! There's a lot of great places and history to explore. 

Firstly, there's the history. If you haven't seen the BBC documentary, The Secret History of our Streets (link), about Duke Street, it's definitely worth a watch.

Dennistoun is named after James Dennistoun (1759-1835), a wealthy merchant and banker who purchased land to the North East of the city.  After his death, his son Alexander purchased more estates and in 1854, employed an architect - James Salmon - to create a new suburb: Dennistoun. 

Secondly, there's the institutions: Nakodar GrillCelino'sCoia's, Tibo, and Tapa

Thirdly, the new guards: lots of interesting and exciting places have started opening in Dennistoun in the last few years. Places like McCune Smith (which offers filter coffee too!), Redmond's (some say the best pub in Dennistoun), Stan's (OMG. The cakes. And Maybel the whippet; in fact, we may have stood outside like pure weirdos admiring Maybel), Kind Crusts (vegan food and doughnuts), and the polar opposite: Dennistoun BBQ. However, we actually haven't been to Dennistoun BBQ so can't vouch for it.

Another place we haven't been to but are really keen to try is Bilson Eleven. Only opening at the start of 2017, the restaurant received a scathing review a few months ago in the Guardian. Our interest was immediately piqued. Then a couple weeks ago it was announced that Bilson Eleven had earned a mention in the Michelin Guide 2018. Huh. What to make of it all, eh? 

We suppose the only fault to be found in Dennistoun is the lack of independent and quirky shops. Apart from the secondhand / charity shops, we didn't really come across any other retail / gift shops. 

And finally, the sense of community. From organising a community-owned housing association to community gardeners, there is definitely a sense of pride amongst Dennistoun residents. Quite rightly too! 

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  • Henry McKelvie

    McCune Smith cafe isn’t officially in Dennistoun, it’s in the drygate district !

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