We are officially open for trade! 

After many months of planning, designing and making, we have officially launched. 

It's been a long and mostly slow process of designing, sourcing and sample testing. Throughout the last few months I experienced crippling fear; a sequence of "What ifs..." rumbled through my head. 

'What if this fails?"

"What if I lose all my money?"

"What if no one buys anything?"

I seriously considered each question. I mean, whoever said that entrepreneurs must be crazy is onto something because faced with the reality that half (most?) businesses fail, I STILL had the notion to do it. Obviously I'm not a tech start-up and it's mostly myself - with a little help from my friends - so the risks are considerably lower. That said, when faced with the prospects of failure and continuous self-doubt, my gut feeling was still: I have to do this.

Yes, it could fail / yes, I could lose all my money / and yes, no one could potentially buy a damn thing but ultimately (and most importantly), I believed in LAKE&LOCH: I believe in my products; I believe people love Glasgow and Scotland as much as I do; I believe there is a community of like-minded people out there who want to support small businesses doing and making cool things. 

Weighing up the options, I've ploughed ahead because I know that I would have regretted not doing it more than if I did. Maybe there are two types of people: those that regret doing it and those that regret not doing it and I definitely fall into the latter camp.  

Through it all I've been supported and inspired by so many people. So, thanks. And thank you for stopping by.  

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