A Canadian's Guide to Doughnuts in Glasgow

Did you know that Canadians eat more doughnuts than any other country? Or that there are more doughnut shops per capita in Canada than anywhere else? Maybe it has something to do with Canadians ranking third in the world when it comes to coffee consumption? And so, if there is anything we Canadians are semi-pro at, it's eating doughnuts, drinking coffee, and scoffing at what other nations consider to be "winter". 

So, we decided to put our innate doughnut-judging skills to the test and sample some of Glasgow's finest.

Just a word of warning though: we opted to sample freshly-made doughnuts from independent shops rather than multinational chains. Yes, the Canadian institution that is Tim Hortons is now in Glasgow (and yes, we were pretty excited about it when it arrived) and yes, Krispy Kreme has an exciting and diverse range of doughnuts. That being said, almost errrrbody in Glasgow knows these places; we wanted to highlight some places that you might not know about it. And so, without further ado, here are our top three doughnut joints!

1. Tantrum Doughnuts

27 Old Dumbarton Road, G3 8RD

 Lemon Passionfruit Meringue / £2.15 (takeaway)

W O W. 



There is a reason why Tantrum Doughnuts currently sits at number two on TripAdvisor as the best dessert in Glasgow. They are unparalleled when it comes to doughnuts in Glasgow; there's nothing in comparison to what they're doing, to be honest. The dough was perfectly cooked (albeit just slightly too oily on the bottom) and the lemon passionfruit curd in the middle was just the right hint of tangy. Truly delicious. Tantrum, you're slayin' it and slowly killing us all in the process (don't stop though). 


2. Eusebi Deli 

152 Park Road, G4 9HB

Salted Caramel / £1.45

Look at the size of it! OOOFT. Again, the dough was fluffy, fresh and perfectly-cooked. We really REALLY enjoyed the dough. The salted caramel custard? Not so much. For a start, it didn't seem like a traditional custard (cream, egg-based) but more like a whipped oil-based product. It tasted greasy and almost evaporated once it hit our tongue. We didn't get much "salted caramel" from it either - just an overall sweetness flavour. That being said, it's still the second best doughnut we've had on our travels around Glasgow. We really wanted to try their nutella-filled doughnut but they didn't have it when we were in. 

Still, pretty damn good. As is all their food, to be honest. Definitely go for a meal, wine, and doughnuts if you haven't been yet. 


3. Hot Doughnut Limited

498 Dumbarton Road, G11 6SL

Custard Doughnut / £1 (!)

This Polish takeaway, situated in Partick, is making the kind of doughnuts that we remember eating as a kid in Canada, before the advent of more "fancy" doughnuts and franchises. Just straight-up dough fried, glazed in sugar, and injected with something similarly sweet. It was refreshing to eat something that transported us to another time. The dough was denser, perfectly cooked, and ever so slightly oily. The glaze had a hint of orange in it (we think? We couldn't quite place it) and was a nice touch. The custard, however, is what ultimately let the doughnut down; tasteless and with a mealy texture, we were disappointed. Overall though, you can't complain because it was monstrous in size and only £1. Quality!

 What are some of your favourite doughnut places?

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